A little bit about us...

The perfect symbiosis of high quality natural, organic, Earth-friendly ingredients blended with our mutinous, insubordinate, rebellious existence. Anti-authoritarian, untamed and reckless, we exist to disrupt the industry that has been plagued by products without integrity and quality. Besides, we love animals, human beings (most of them) and mother nature. So we put it all together and created Ink Nurse. A badass, ethical, cruelty-free, product that no one else compares to when it comes to skin care.

Our product has been designed to enhance the colour, brightness, clarity, boldness and smoothness of your tattoos. This is done so by creating one of the healthiest skin environments possible for your tattooed skin. Our ingredients are specifically chosen to help aid in the combat of the deterioration of environmental factors, such as sun damage, and the inevitability of ageing, that make tattoos appearance deteriorate over time. Ink Nurse also creates a utopia-like environment for your skin to heal a fresh tattoo quickly, safely, naturally and with out the worry of the dreaded “itchy-phase”. If you keep your skin healthy, then this will also assist in the appearance of your tattoo, so do so by using a product specifically designed with the highest quality natural ingredients made in Australia. Not just a tattoo care product, but a multi-purpose skin remedy cream. 100% natural and vegan suitable.
It's not cool to harm your bodies, mother nature and its inhabitants. Now you have a choice of a high-end product with a positive ethos!

We are a Proud member of the Australian Tattooist Guild