100ml Ink Nurse Multipurpose Skin Remedy Cream

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100ml supply lasts 1-2 months.    

Multipurpose remedy cream for a variety of skin conditions + irritations.
The 100ml container of our Remedy Cream will sufficiently heal tattoos of any size.
Use daily as a moisturizer, and to rejuvenate older tattoos! Our special blend of ingredients can make your existing tattoos look fresh and new again!
The cream is so versatile you can use it on any skin irritation and even as a daily moisturizer for dry skin. 
Not just an aftercare product, but an all round skin care product!

All products are the same formula. Vegan Friendly.
We like to collaborate with artists and organizations. Feel free to reach out!
See why we are creating quite the buzz in such a short period of time!

---Please spot test with a small amount on your skin, it's extremely rare and unlikely, but just in case, please test before fully applying. You may be that person who is sensitive to an essential oil or one of our natural ingredients and didn't realize it---

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