Over Moisturised Tattoos

We all know by now that taking good care of your tattoo is crucial to ensuring the healthy longevity of your artwork. And, as we’ve outlined, a good aftercare routine is key. One of the most prominent parts of an aftercare routine is ensuring that your tattoo is properly moisturised. Moisturising your tattoo is a sure fire way to prevent itching, redness, scabbing and cracking in the artwork. Going without the use of a tattoo aftercare moisturiser during the healing phase will run the risk of infection and damaging the tattoo design, leaving you with a final result far from what you had in mind. However, as much as we emphasise a consistent aftercare routine, it is important to note that it is, in fact, possible to over moisturise your tattoo. Over moisturising your new ink can occur from excessive moisturising or if the tattoo hasn’t properly dried after getting wet, causing the water to get trapped between the ink and the moisturising lotion. When this happens, gooey scabs of fluid can develop, causing aesthetic changes to your design. So, what are the signs that your tattoo is headed to over moisturised territory and how can you avoid the nasty side effects?


How long do you moisturise a new tattoo?

The length of your aftercare routine is usually dependent on the size of your tattoo, and this can be anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months. Most professional tattoo artists will recommend moisturizing the fresh ink once or twice each day to give it the best chance of healing. The best way to ensure you adequately hydrate your tattoo is by applying an after care moisturizer every morning and night, particularly after showering to ensure it doesn’t try out.

Signs of over moisturized tattoo

By applying a tattoo care moisturizer more than three times a day, you run the risk of over moisturizing your new ink. When you over moisturize your tattoo, you can actually delay the healing process. Excess moisture in the skin creates the perfect environment for bacteria and germ growth, so one of the key signs is irritated, inflamed skin. Another key sign of over moisturizing is clogged skin. Applying too much moisturizer restricts the skin’s ability to breath, thus causing the pores to clog and can lead to consequent break outs. To avoid these symptoms, follow the aftercare instructions of your tattoo artist and apply the best tattoo aftercare moisturizer: your trusty Ink Nurse cream. If you find yourself applying moisturizer more because you're worried your tattoo looks dry, consult your artist for further advice.