TWIN PACK (Great Value!)TWIN PACK (Great Value!)
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TWIN PACK (Great Value!)

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100ml Remedy Cream100ml Remedy Cream

100ml Remedy Cream

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Based on 174 reviews
50ml Remedy Cream50ml Remedy Cream
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50ml Remedy Cream

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20ml Tester (FREE! - Just Pay Postage)20ml Tester (FREE! - Just Pay Postage)
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20ml Tester (FREE! - Just Pay Postage)

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What Does Cruelty Free Mean?

What Does Cruelty Free Mean?

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Ink Nurse

Vegan Tattoo Aftercare

Anticipating common and complex issues that arise with tattoos, Ink Nurse’s vegan moisturiser ensures that your artwork will develop to the standard that it deserves. Our versatile remedy cream helps support pigment rejuvenation whilst soothing irritations and healing skin conditions.

Looking after the Earth requires a type of community care like no other, that’s why our industry professionals spent quality time developing our tattoo aftercare cream. Ink Nurse’s products are not only certified cruelty-free and vegan friendly but derived from organic and fragrance-free ingredients.

Our Australian made, multipurpose cream offers the best tattoo aftercare cream for any situation. Ink Nurse’s carefully formulated skin care products provide you peace of mind that the colour and line of your tattoo will hold. Take the stress out of your tattoo experience with our leading tattoo aftercare cream and learn the basics with our step-by-step care guides.