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  • Ink Nurse

    Multipurpose skincare designed for tattooed skin + remedy skin conditions & irritations

  • Made in Australia

    heal, enhance & promote longevity of your tattoos

  • all natural ingredients

    vegan & cruelty free

  • your skin's best friend

    No more itchy tattoos 
    Heal fast and naturally
    Combat sun damaged, faded and aged tattoos


Why choose us?

+ Excellent deep penetrating hydration

+ Create the perfect environment for your skin to heal a fresh tattoo & ensure it stays bold & bright

+ used on various skin irritations such as;

sunburn, eczema, dry/cracked skin, burns & rashes

+ Combat ageing and deterioration by providing you with ingredients to prevent & restore faded ink

+ Only use natural, Earth friendly ingredients

+ work with great organizations such as sea shepherd-we donate a portion of monthly sales

+ Collaborate with artists around the globe


    "We like that it’s Australian made and comprised entirely of natural ingredients but what separates Ink Nurse from that tat pack is jojoba oil. This penetrates the epidermis to keep both skin supple and ink colours vibrant."

  • Prodijee Magazine

    "One of the great products you can use in the care of your new tattoo for the ultimate health of your skin is Ink Nurse. Designed to relieve the annoying itch while healing skin and restoring elasticity and hydration to the traumatised epidermis"

  • Health & Fitness Mag

    "nothing fades your tattoos faster than the sun and salt water. if your masterpiece is looking worse for wear post summer, give it a needle-free lift, with this 100%  natural, vegan cream."

  • Wayward Son Blog

    "Don’t just use any ointment. Invest in high quality moisturiser like Australian skincare brand, Ink Nurse. It’s 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skin remedy cream that serves as the ultimate multipurpose anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial cream for new tattoos."

  • Competitors product

    Thick, Poor consistency
    hard to apply

  • competitors product

    ew, gross
    no thanks

  • Ink Nurse

    Look at this
    beautiful cream
    luscious consistency
    yes please!


Best tattoo aftercare I've ever used! First time my tattoo has never got the "itchy stage" I won't use anything else now!


"Applying Ink Nurse every morning is now just a part of my every day ritual!"


"After only a few days my leg looks darker and my arm looks amazing! Colors are vibrant and blacks are darker. Thank you for such a fantastic product!"


This product is amazing... looking forward to ordering some more as been recommending this product to my beauty clients whom have tattoos or planning future tattoo being all natural so thankful for a cream that has no nasties or animal testing !


Its vegan, it contains the highest quality organic ingredients to help heal and nourish your tattoos, new or old. (I've been using it to bring some life back into my tattoos, it works great and makes them feel soft and hydrated)
It is also gentle enough to use on any skin irritation you might have, or as a daily moisturizer for dry skin.


I've used ink nurse to heal a new tattoo and as a moisturiser to bring out the best of my older tattoos. This product is amazing for both purposes and I would never use anything else now. It healed a very detailed forearm piece in just a week, NO itching and beautiful to apply. (I've also used it on sunburn with excellent results!).


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